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Investment Readiness Program

The Investment Readiness program is designed to assist entrepreneurs, especially innovative enterprises with growth potential, raise external finance, in particular equity finance with minimum fuss!

  • Total Price 20,000 PKR

  • 30% Discount For PNIP Members

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Ready for Finance Modules Overview:

Module Name Action
R4F BP Overview of BP modules Click to View
R4F BT Overview of TeamBuild module Click to View
R4F FP Overview of Financial Plan module Click to View
R4F FS Overview of FinancStructures modules Click to View
R4F IP Overview of Invest Process modules Click to View
R4F PI Overview of Pitching Module Click to View
R4F TI Overview of Types of Investors Modules Click to View
R4F ToT Overview of ToT Modules Click to View
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Investment Readiness Program